Good Eats!

Need a good place to eat?

You came to the right dogs…If its one thing our Mutts know…its Good Eats!  They have some great places picked out for you!



“First things First”, says Breeze…Coffee. What BC doesn’t need a good Puppachino to start her day?  Our favorite Starbucks and the one that supplies our Hospitality for you both days of our tournament is Starbucks at Cedar & Ashlan




If its one thing Tag likes, its Pancakes, check this out if you have some time!

Batter Up Pancakes


benny and pi 2How about some great Vegan and Vegetarian choices?  Benny & Pi have some experience here…




Meet Sydney~Miniature Australian Shepherd~ Handler: Diane de FreitasSydney says…Arriba Arriba! Her pick is a favorite Mutts Watering Hole…. some really fabulous Mexican food and awesome Margaritas await you here…Toledos Mexican Restaurant…make sure to go to the Toledos on Blackstone Ave.  (7315 N. Blackstone)… Map here.  As you enter the very tiny front part of the restaurant, head to the back patio through the wooden door and have yourself a fantastic time.  Call ahead for reservations at: 559-438-5944



Cruizer’s Pick: Dog House Grill—Personally, we think you can never go wrong with this place (for obvious reasons…), its not close to the Fairgrounds, but is off of Highway 168 in Clovis.  If you get in early on Friday and want to take a drive for dinner…Check out the Dog House Grill near Fresno State—you will be howling it is so good!







Wilbur~Terrier Mix~Handler: Stephanie AlvordIt may not look like it, but Wilbur has a very distinct palette for good wine…so, if you love really good wine, they have some great food too: Vino & Friends

Fresno has some great Armenian Food–Charleigh says, yeah, its delish!Mutts charlie check out George’s Shish Kebob located 10 minutes away (about 2.3 miles) from the Fairgrounds; Map and Directions: George’s Shish Kebob




reignShe always comes running when its Italian Food! Reign says not too far away (7 minutes, 3.53 miles) on Kings Canyon: Di’Cicco’s Italian Restaurant Sunnyside.



meiyingMei Ying likes to dress up when she hits the Tower District for a fun place to hang out and eat, 12 minutes away (about 6 miles) from the Fairgrounds-Irene’s has a great burger, Sequoia Brewing some fabulous Micro Brews…Tower District Dining


Dalmations like Griffin know as many places to eat as they have spots…here are a few places to choose from: CHOW




And, when you are done eating…Enzo says a good nap really helps…enzo

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