Guess has a special surprise for the first entry that is turned in with payment…!!!  




Pre-filled forms available for you below, click on link.  If you fill out your own forms:

Checks payable to: Mutts in Motion

Mail to: Mutts in Motion 1535 W. Terrace Ave. Fresno, CA 93705

Pre-Flight: $20.00; Singles: $15.00; Pairs: $25.00; Team (Variety or Standard): $110.00

Please use the Singles form for Preflight, just write Preflight across the top.  Note that Singles and Preflight are limited to 10 each on Saturday and 10 each on Sunday and Pairs limited to 5 on Saturday and 5 on Sunday

Any questions about how Pre-Flight, Singles or Pairs will be chosen for limited, please contact our Tournament Secretary Lavada Montgomery here.

PreFlight Pre filled Saturday Entry

PreFlight Pre filled Sunday Entry

Singles Pre filled Saturday Entry

Singles Pre filled Sunday Entry

Pairs pre filled Saturday entry

Pairs pre filled Sunday entry

Saturday Team Pre filled Entry

Sunday Team Pre filled Entry

















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